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Monday, 11 December 2023

10th April 2007  /  Training courses in Silesia for small and medium-sized enterprises

We have started recruitment of employees from small and medium-sized enterprises in Silesia for training courses concerning the use of new data communications technologies. The scope of training (nine thematic areas) has been created on the basis of a survey on the training needs and the possible prospective use of information and communication technology (ICT) in small and medium-sized enterprises.

05th December 2006  /  "Mazowiecki System of Spatial Information of Communes and Districts cooperating within Voivodship"

We start to implement another project untitled: "Mazowiecki System of Spatial Information of Communes and Districts cooperating within Voivodship".

Together with Nizielski & Borys Consulting Sp. J. oraz CADExpert Sp. z o.o., InfoStrategy  will coordinate the works of above mentioned project.

The project aims at constructing system that will facilitate the management of Self-Government Entity, combining two interrelated components.

23th October 2006  /  "Inter-sector Network in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship"

"INFOSYSTEM" - inter-sector network for the enhancement of innovation in the field of data communications technologies" is our next project that received European subsidization. The project is being realized within IROP measure 2.6 "Regional Innovative Strategies and knowledge transfer" in kujawsko-pomorskie voivodship.

The project is addressed to representatives of the private and R&D sector, as well as territorial self-government entities. The planned period of project realization is 21 months.

16th July 2006  /  "The Integrated System of Education Management in Cracow" and "E-Cracow: Data communications infrastructure development for management of a wide urban area."

These are consecutive projects co-financed within the IROP European Regional Development Fund, measure 1.5 "Information society infrastructure". Infostrategia participates actively in the tasks, coordinates and deals with the implementation of the projects whose beneficiary is Commune of Cracow.

16th July 2006  /  " SEKAP"

Since May 2006 Infostrategia, in CONSORTIUM with Bytom IT Company COIG 4 and Collect Consulting Company, has been working for Silesian Centre of Information Society as a Technology Consultant of the project "Electronic communication system in public administration in Silesian Voivodship (SEKAP)".

The project includes implementation of data communications environment and software for electronic execution of public services. The tasks of the Technology Consultant involve verification of feasability study, preparation of tender documents and support in project management.

16th July 2006  /  " SERWIS for small and medium enterprises"

Since 6th March 2006 until 29th February 2008 a CONSORTIUM consisting of:

  • Infostrategia Krzysztof Heller and Andrzej Szczerba s.j., leading the Project.
  • Esaprojekt Ltd.,
  • SMG/KRC Poland Human Resources Southern Region Ltd.,
  • Group S.A.,
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice,
  • Guild of Various Crafts in Gliwice

have been responsible for the implementation of the project - Network for the enhancement of innovation in the field of data communications technology in small and medium enterprises (SERWIS)" in Silesian Voivodship.

The objective of this project is the enhancement of knowledge and practical skills of the entrepreneurs in the field of implementation of new data communications technologies in every day functioning of their companies, and consequently the improvement of their effectiveness and competitiveness on the market.