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Monday, 27 June 2022

"The Integrated System of Education Management in Cracow" and "E-Cracow: Data communications infrastructure development for management of a wide urban area."

These are consecutive projects co-financed within the IROP European Regional Development Fund, measure 1.5 "Information society infrastructure". Infostrategia participates actively in the tasks, coordinates and deals with the implementation of the projects whose beneficiary is Commune of Cracow.

The Integrated System of Educational Management in Cracow aims at the adaptation of administration’s working methods to new technological opportunities, which will allow much more efficient liaison between territorial entity and educational establishments. More enhanced liaison of Cracow’s Commune Department of Education will include: organization of work as well as general, HR and financial database. The project has a local impact, however worth mentioning is the fact that it is the first Integrated System of Educational Management in the country.

As for the second project: "E-Cracow: Development of data communications infrastructure, enabling efficient management of a big, urban agglomeration", it mainly concerns the enlargement (expansion) and integration of vast data communications networks, which implement electronical office procedures for local government in 18 locations of local councils and in organizational entities of City Hall.

Thanks to implementation of projects, broadband networks will be expanded and data communications networks will be build, which will enable public institutions and educational establishments to have access to the Internet. Implementation of the investments will facilitate access to information for the residents, petitioners, pupils and entrepreneurs, it will also result in the increase of number of dispatched data, precipitates communication and decision-making processes.