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Sunday, 26 June 2022


Since May 2006 Infostrategia, in CONSORTIUM with Bytom IT Company COIG 4 and Collect Consulting Company, has been working for Silesian Centre of Information Society as a Technology Consultant of the project "Electronic communication system in public administration in Silesian Voivodship (SEKAP)".

The project includes implementation of data communications environment and software for electronic execution of public services. The tasks of the Technology Consultant involve verification of feasability study, preparation of tender documents and support in project management.

The foreseen result of the project is the rationalization of the functioning of local administration through the increase of usage of new technologies in the field of communication.

Thanks to the implementation of project, the level of administration's electronic services for the residents and entrepreneurs will increase. Without a doubt efficiency at work within realization of these services will definitely improve.

Project is being implemented in Silesian Voivodship- in ten districts of a town, in seven terrestrial districts and in thirty six communes. 

Project is being co-financed from the European funds of European Regional Development Foundation within IROP, measure 1.5 "Information Society Infrastructure" and from the territorial self-government entities.